Summary of Learning

Altan Hu Sile and I made a team to finish the learning summary of ECI833.  The process working on this project was also a process of reviewing and learning. Altan taught me how to use Powtoon, which was one more thing I learned in ECI833. Thank Alec, Altan and everyone! I learned a lot from everyone’s work and share.



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7 Responses to Summary of Learning

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  2. Sile Hu says:

    Making a group with you was a great experience. Love it~~~

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  3. cdegelman says:

    It was great to work with you this semester Haiming! Take Care

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  4. Great Video Hamming I really loved it. I bet you both had a challenging task in all those technical challenges in coming up with such an impressive video. Good job. It was a great semester, and collaborating with you made it more interesting. Thanks for everything and I will look forward to work with you again in the future.


  5. Great summary, Haiming! I really like how you and your partner created an interview through Powtoon. I also used this program for my summary and loved it. Great job!

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