Reflection on topic 3: Kill or cure?

This new topic is: Technology is making our kids unhealthy. Agree or disagree?

This video show the comparison of social relationships when you hold an electronic mobility and after you drop them down. Seems it’s two totally different way when you develop social relationships online or offline, as well as totally different ways of thinking. Sometimes you think you are busy with chatting on friends, you are actually lonely.

Technology is good for relationships far away but it’s easy to ignore the closest one and turn to be a harm to those who are round you. Social media is of strong appealing to the brain and reduce attention to things outside. Adapted in online tasks is a threat to memorization. It’s hard to focus, and there seems less need to remember because we can achieve those information easily. We think we can do multi-tasks online but we actually do nothing effectively.

The result of technology occupying time for real world activities are changing the way of thinking and less interests and time for outdoor activities and cause both physical and mental effects. Looking down on mobile devices all day dose harm to spine and neck and cause muscle tension. It’s easy to feel dizzy and catch a headache due to long time tech-indulgence. An severe problem related to exposure to technology is the high rate of obesity of teenagers. Too much tech results to anxiety, insomnia, irritation, and mental disorder.


Photo Credit: Dumbfoundedone via Compfight cc

It seems that technology makes me very unhealthy. And now maybe I need technology to cure me. Can we turn technology to a helper of health?

My friends and I now start a competition by using an app which can records how many steps you have taken the whole day and make a ranking. Everyone enjoys that and use it as a reminder to a healthy life style. On the Internet, you can get lots of information on how to keep health. You can follow Yoga classes or aerobics so that you don’t need to go to a gym.

Of course, it’s easy to find sports communities and online activities out of pursue heath. If we can live a healthy live without online abstinence, then why not have a try?

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