Final summary of major project

My final major project, after midterm feedback, has new changes and design. I’m very glad to make a short summary here about it.

I, joint with Bing Wu together, build an online opening classroom in teaching Chinese using the opening free platform blog. Click here to reach WuLi Chinese opening classroom.


We planed it as a online resourse platform for those who interested on language and cultures. We design lots useful widgets on sidebar, such as we choose certain good websites of teaching Chinese. So we put the links to our sidebar that to make everyone who interested easier to find.

We designed different blog categories to organize the network resourses we find and we made. But due to lack of time and materials, mostly our work is to design the blog and look for and organize online materials. We only made three new materials on our own. What we need to improve in the future is more language teaching lessons and more self-creative materials.

In the process we building our blog website, I learn a lot from special Chinese teaching websites and youtube accounts. I pay attentain to their way of designing the online curriculum. That’s the biggest benifit for me.

All in all, it’s good to have a chance to design a blog with certain theme. Although it’s not very perfect and a lot can be improved, I still take every posts seriously and enjoy the process. I’d like to keep on with the blog as much as possible. Maybe oneday in the future, I can introduce this blog to my students.


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2 Responses to Final summary of major project

  1. Wow! This is fantastic! I would love to use this open online classroom to learn more about the Chinese culture and language – maybe I can spend more time with it over the next few months! Great work!

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