Double identities for youth online activism

Online activism, nternet activism, digital campaigning, digital activism, online organizing, electronic advocacy,cyberactivism, e-campaigning, and e-activism, whatever it calls, make us feel luck that due to the flourishing digital age, we have more ways to express our demands and we have more information about the same group. It’s a very good thing that we can easily join together to do something, for our own interests or sake.



When I learn about online compaigns, I find there are various kinds about online activities. There are non-government organizations or individuals that working for political or public welfare. They combine the people with same concern from every corner of the world.

Not Your Mascots cares about Indegious people, it encourage people to further their understanding about Indigenous identity, imagery and culture. CancelColbert cares about judgement about Asian and against racial discriminations. YesAllWomen focus on the violence of women who’d like to share and find way out. Black Lives Matter targeted black demise. It’s a much political matters. Idle No More is woking for the rights of  First Nations People.

And we are so happy to see that the online activites organised by teenagers. Except for some activities focus on school study and life like Martha the food blogger, more of them combine the theme both education and social issues, such as Real Friends, 1000 Black Girl Books,  Buddy Project, CHHS Lets Talk, etc.

paper chain teamwork

Photo Credit: Terra Nova Fondation via Compfight cc

They are so creative and positive. That’s combine their passion of both being involoved in digital social media and building responsible social indentity.

Although the social media won’t transform our politics, but it’s a quick reflection to social issues and it reflect effective public opinion. They maybe only organized by one person using one hashtag on twitter, but it welcomes and joint by a lot of people around the word to discuss and find way out as well as hearing the opposite opinions.



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2 Responses to Double identities for youth online activism

  1. I love your short yet complete summary of a multitude of online activists campaigns that exist for others to lend their support. You are absolutely right; it is wonderful when students are the ones actually organizing these kinds of things, and putting themselves out there for something about which they are passionate. This is a great place to start for people trying to find a cause or organisation behind which they wish to put their support. Thank you for your summary!

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