Online harassment

Pew survey shows the rate of different online harassments. The study also fund that serious harassment was more likely to occur to women—particularly young women ages 18 to 24.

Online harassment is an universal problem and femail is earily to suffer online harassment. In China it’s also a true fact. Maybe because in language there are more words to express bad women due to the patriarhal culture.

The survey also find that women seems more likely to go to social media community aiming at dating or networking which have a high risk for harassments taking place. The harassment may be the offensive name or sexually radicalness or offensive picture show rudeness and no respect to female online commonters.

Australian research gives more clear descriptions. Harassment ranged from unwanted contact, trolling, and cyberbullying to sexual harassment and threats of rape and death. Sexual orientation and physical appearance can also be the aim of harassment. They are definetly much easier to work on female.

However, when no laws, moral should be in charge of the online behaiver. Let alone on the internet, in reality “it is never appropriate to use slurs, metaphors, graphic negative imagery, or any other kind of language that plays on someone’s gender, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, or religion“.

Some may adopt online anonymity to in case of online harassment. But I think that anonymity encourage the offenders too.  It’s meanwhile lower the cost for a person to speak something rude.  It’s hard to punish  the offender because it’s hard to find him or her too.


(Image source:NLshop)

The digital security should be guaranteed by joint legislation and morals. The second thing is self-protect and “don’t feed the trolls”. There are a lot personal stragety we can learn about How to Handle Cyber Hecklers. Focus on the behavior, not the identify labels like gender, race, class, etc.



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