On the other side of the coin

Internet make it easier to communicate and search, so as to make it easier to be invaded, and what’s more, with more difficult for police to solve this problem. The law about internet is more troublesome and hard to regulate. The Internet crime incresed and is a big social issue.


Photo Credit: David ‘dwyz’ Wayman via Compfight cc



Infographic by- GO-Gulf

These cybercrime statistics will make you think twice when you use Internet. Everyone can became victims of cybercrime and the crime cost is lower for bad guys becuse of the openness of Internet.

We’d better learn more about Computer Crime Prevention and be very careful about the self imformation and password and computer security when serching online and using social media.

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3 Responses to On the other side of the coin

  1. jmantesso says:

    This was a VERY informative blog! Thank you for seeking out all of this information and sharing it with us. I liked the graphics and even the simple display still required me to look up the complexity of some topics (i.e. “cyber warfare”!).

    Cyber warfare only accounts for 3% according to Go-Gulf.com. Although, I had no idea that even the threat of cyber warfare can cause nations to tremble with a legitimate fear of what cyber war might entail. If you are interested, read: http://time.com/3928086/these-5-facts-explain-the-threat-of-cyber-warfare/

    Keep up the awesome work, Haiming!

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  2. Agree with Jmantesso, this blog shows us a lot of information about cyber crimes. It is very comprehensive. Thank you for sharing .

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