Benefit calls for more

Yesterday my friend sent me a link to ask if I can help her finish a questionare that she designed for her final paper. She use the special website of Smart Survey to design a questinare so that she just need to paste the link through social media and reach tagets people easier. It’s a paperless way and it doesn’t call for her walk in the wind and beg people to do it. After finishing it, I just need to collect submit and she can recieve it.

I also did this kind of surveies and drafts for some websites or companies that reach costomers to help promotes their work.

This is a convienient way if I need to do some education research I think. When social media developed, ways changed.

Due to the characteristics of Social media, the line between reality and virtuality seems disappear; the line between working time and lesiure time seems disappear; the line between creating and consuming seems disappear; the relationships between boss and staff, teacher and students, parents and children changed.


Picture form:

Communication becomes education process. It’s a huge chanllenge of course. New items such as “information literacy” and “digital literacy”  appear. Coming along with questions like  “information overload” “data smog” or “catatonia of technology” . They calls for strong power of control and apply of new social media. Confidence come with strong ackonwledge of digital world and clear mind and self-discipline. It a chanllege for adult, let along for teenagers. So helping students make the best use of social media is a new issue alongside the brillient benefits social media have bring to education.

When enjoying the joyous of social media community, lead everyone of the morality issues about internet environment.


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