Virtural figure on Social Media

When I read Reputation Management and Social Media, I can’t help combining my use of social media. I’m the kind of people who tend to kebep personal imformation secretly and cares about the reputation of the virtural figure shown on my social community.

I have  some social media only for entertainment. So I won’t disclose too much of my identities and imformation. And I’d like to build a virtual figure that is funny, humorous and cynical to communicate with the virtual friends I meet. I enjoyed being just a virtual figure online and nobody knows who I am and what I real like. That’s a kind of freedom. When we use social media we can’t forget the social media security issue.


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Manage the reputation is a way to avoid troubles.  Beside of security concern, of courese there are other concerns.

Don’t Post About Me on Social Media, Children Say. This is an interesting airtical. Here the reputation maybe more based on the specific teenger psychology. They need to be respect and recogniton from surroundings. It’s a time that they start to distinguish beauty. The innocent in parents eyes may become what they want to hide. They’d like to build there own reputation of decent, mature, being valued and being regarded as a grow up.

This due to the vulnerable period of life. In this period, teenagers are easier to doubt and complacent. This controversory characteristics earge them to decide their own digital identities. It’s also a time that they want to break constraints from parents and announce indepence subconsciously. So when they leave the ignorance of childhood, they become more sensitive on digital reputation managed by their parents.


Photo Credit: Blower Photography via Compfight cc

So, no matter how incomprehensible and non-mainstream young people build there own social media reputation and identity, like #Me: Instagram Narcissism And The Scourge Of The Selfie  that I am sure in their parents’ eyes, not better that their funny childhood images, they are definately announce their indenpendence.

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